Journal Articles

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Book Chapter

  • Tang, W-S., & Yip, M.K-C. (2016). Unchallenged Land (Re)development Regime and Everyday Life of Residents in High-Density Hong Kong (in Japanese). In Jeon, H-G. (Ed.), Towards an Inclusive City (pp. 92-103). Kyoto, Japan: Horitsu Bunka Sha (法律文化社).

Essays and commentaries

  • Yip, M.K-C. (2019, May 13). 秘書處將議員歸邊 立會檔案反映政治中立的偽術 (Legislative Council Secretariat and the myth of political neutrality: Archives as evidence). The Stand News. (in Chinese)
  • Tang, W-S., & Yip, M.K-C. (2019, Jan 28). 讓我們把空間公義帶進公共討論 (Let’s bring the concept of spatial justice into the public discussion). Ming Pao, A27. (in Chinese)
  • Tang, W-S., & Yip, M.K-C. (2018, Sep 20). 土地大辯論的六大謬誤(下) (Six fallacies in the land debate – part 2/2). Ming Pao, A25. (in Chinese)
  • Tang, W-S., & Yip, M.K-C. (2018, Sep 19). 土地大辯論的六大謬誤(上)(Six fallacies in the land debate – part 1/2). Ming Pao, A27. (in Chinese)
  • Yip, M.K-C., & Tang, W-S. (2018, May 2). 突破議程 改造城市:土地大辯論的盲點 (Beyond the agenda to transform the city: The blindspot of the land debate). Ming Pao, A23. (in Chinese)
  • Tang, W-S., Kwok, J.Y-C., & Yip, M.K-C. (2018, April 1). 空間政治:毋忘日常生活 (Spatial politics: Don’t forget the everyday life). Ming Pao, D05. (in Chinese)
  • Yip, M.K-C., & Tang, W-S. (2018, March 23). 遊樂場地契政策倒行逆施 (Recreational lease policy goes against the tide). Ming Pao, A36. (in Chinese)
  • Tang, W-S., & Yip, M.K-C. (2018, March 4). 填海,只不過是故技重施 (Land reclamation as the old tactic). Ming Pao, D08. (in Chinese)
  • Yip, M.K-C., & Tang, W-S. (2018, January 16). 私人遊樂場地契約政策的謀算:從解密檔案解構土地政治 (The political calculation of the private recreational land lease: Insights from the declassified archive). Ming Pao, B9. (in Chinese)
  • Yip, M.K-C., & Tang, W-S. (2017, December 29). 以土地政策包裝二度剝削——公私營合作的盤算 (Packing the double exploitation with land policies: Public-private partnership). Ming Pao, B9. (in Chinese)
  • Tang, W-S., Yip, M.K-C., Leung, H-C., & Fung, K-K. (2017 November 16). 「過渡」措施目的成謎 勿把城市簡化為宿舍 (Don’t simplify a city to a dormitory). WeMedia HK01. Available online at (in Chinese)
  • Tang, W-S., & Yip, M.K-C. (2017, September 24). 不願面對的土地真相:從體制的二度剝削說起 (An inconvenient land truth: The speaking of the land regime). Ming Pao, D06-D07. (in Chinese)
  • Yip, M.K-C., & Tang, W-S. (2017, August 16). 一地兩檢的政治空間與日常生活——「割地」非政治口號 (The political space and everyday life of co-location arrangement: Ceding land is not only a political slogan). Ming Pao, A23. (in Chinese)
  • Tang, W-S., Wong, C-K., & Yip, M.K-C. (2017, July 2). 下流城市 (Downwardly-mobile city). Ming Pao, D06-D07. (in Chinese)
  • Yip, M.K-C., & Tang, W-S. (2017, May 18). 正視優惠土地上牟利 政府和慈善團體應做補贖 (Turn away from sin: Profit-making FBOs on granted lands should do penance). Ming Pao, A25. (in Chinese)