A fact about my name. To clarify, I did not call myself Maurice because I now reside in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. In fact, Maurice was chosen by my family as my Christian name when I was born in Hong Kong. I have been called Maurice since then, in primary school, secondary school, university, and workplaces. (Names originating from European languages are widely used by Hongkongers in everyday life, even more commonly used than their Chinese names.) I did not discover until very recently that Maurice is a diminishing name in Francophone culture. 🙂

I want to be an academic geographer, for which I am studying and working in geography. I currently work as a Graduate Assistant in Legal Geography in the urban studies research group of the Institute of Geography and Sustainability at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. At the same university, I am a Candidate for PhD in Geography in the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment.

My academic work engages in debates in social sciences, in particular geography and urban studies. I build my work on the shoulders of giants who developed legal geography (property-sovereignty nexus, commoning, regulation, and performativity), theorised territoriality (planning, governance, experiment, and innovation), and studied the Global East (East Asian urban transformation in the context of global uneven geography).

I take an interest in land and housing policies and contribute to public debates. My commentaries on mass media have won me an award. My research work has been covered by journalists as well.

I was born in Hong Kong. I am a first-generation university student. After receiving a first-class honours social sciences bachelor degree (BSocSc, major in geography and minor in journalism) from Hong Kong Baptist University, I practised as a political journalist for a while before returning to the same university to pursue postgraduate studies which led to the award of Master of Philosophy (MPhil, in geography), a research degree. During my postgraduate studies, I supported teaching geography courses at all undergraduate levels, tutoring the advanced courses on urban geography and urban planning, and assisting in the teaching of the introductory courses on contemporary geography and on regional geography of South China; and I also undertook the seats on several boards and committees at both the faculty-level and the university-level. I am an old boy of Salesian English School.

My mother tongue is Cantonese. I am fluent in English and Mandarin. De plus, j’apprends le français (bien que lentement)

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Vevey, Switzerland (August 2019)