I have been participating in a number of research projects since undergraduate studies, covering various topics such as urban planning, urban density, cultural geography, transport mobility, urban art, environmental issues, and religious studies. Most recently, I have been working on the following projects.

Legal Geography

I completed an MPhil thesis entitled “Legal Production of Land (In)justice in Hong Kong”. I am interested in understanding how urban Hong Kong is spatially governed by the law in the historical-geographical context of power relations. One of the many ways by which the objective can be achieved is to translate the concepts in legal geography into the Asian context for a better comprehension of the urban process. Hong Kong, a unique jurisdiction where has reserved the colonial relic of the common law system and, at the same time, been influenced by the Chinese law system, would be an ideal research laboratory.

‘Unfreezing the city’

Framing spatial stories – life beyond the plan, survey, and grid

I assisted in a project exploring the interactions between urban art, law and critical urbanism. Through organised urban walking tours, presentation sessions and discussion workshops, this project brought artists, architects, academics and students together in exploring the methodological questions that how we can creatively reimagine cities. Drawing particular attention to urban redevelopment projects in Hong Kong, this project borrowed the term ‘freezing surveys’ from the redevelopment statutory procedures to think about how academic research and artistical work can help unfreeze cities. The output from this project is available here.

Faith-based Organisations and Urban Process

I have been studying the relationship between faith-based organisations (FBOs) as social agents and the urban process. In the context of Hong Kong, I recently wrote, in response to the government audit report, to discuss the social injustice issues related to FBOs and urban land. Previously I have done an undergraduate honours project entitled “Urban (Re)development, Religious Organisations, and Urban Communities: A Spatial Story of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Wan Chai”, which was supported by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Hong Kong Dissertation Scholarship, to spatially examine the complexities of religion, power and capital by studying a church involved in urban redevelopment.