• Funding:
    • University Grant Studentship, Hong Kong Baptist University
    • Top-up Travel Grant, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University
    • DTC Fund, Institute of Geography and Sustainability, University of Lausanne
  • Starting Year: 2017

To engage in the scholarship of legal geography, I am interested in understanding how cities are spatially governed by the law in the historical-geographical context of power relations.

Focusing on the leasehold land system in Hong Kong, I asked how land (in)justice is (re)produced by the legal mechanism. One of the many ways by which the objectives can be achieved is to translate the concepts in legal geography into the Asian context for a better comprehension of the urban process. Hong Kong, a unique jurisdiction where has reserved the colonial relic of the common law system and, at the same time, been influenced by the Chinese law system, is an ideal research laboratory.

Key publications from this project appear in Journal of Urban History (2020) and Social Transformations in Chinese Societies (2020).

In the Department of Geography at Hong Kong Baptist University, I completed an MPhil thesis entitled ‘Legal Production of Land (In)justice in Hong Kong’ in 2018 and defended it in 2019.

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