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Journal Articles

[6] ──. (2021). We have never been so bounded: Pandemic, territoriality, and mobility. The Geographical Journal: A Journal of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

[5] ──. (2020). New town planning as diplomatic planning: Scalar politics, British–Chinese relations, and Hong KongJournal of Urban History. [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

[4] ──. (2020). Hong Kong as a property jurisdiction. Social Transformations in Chinese Societies. [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

[3] ──*, Lee, J.W-Y., & Tang, W-S. (2020). From God’s home to people’s house: Property struggles of church redevelopment. Geoforum. [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

[2] Tang, W-S., Lee, J.W-Y.*, Hui, T-W., & ──. (2018). The “Urban density” question in Hong Kong: From absolute space to social processes. City, Culture and Society. [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

[1] ──*, & Tang, W-S. (2017). The spatial story of St. Francis’s Yard: A Catholic urban community echoing the urban development trajectory of Hong KongHong Kong Journal of Catholic Studies, 7, 155-177. (in Chinese) [Archived Manuscript]
– 灣仔進教圍的空間故事:香港城市發展軌跡中的天主教城市社區

Book Reviews

[*] ──. (2020). Red Zones: Criminal Law and the Territorial Governance of Marginalized People. By Marie-Eve Sylvestre, Nicholas Blomley, and Céline Bellot (2020). Hong Kong Free Press.
This is not numbered because it is not a traditional book review in academic journals. But this is an attempt to translate and apply the knowledge I understood from this book to analyse the situation in Hong Kong. [Original Version] [Chinese Translation] [Published Version]

[2] ──. (2020). The Power of Place: Contentious Politics in Twentieth-Century Shanghai and Bombay. By Mark W. Frazier (2019). Urban Geography. [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

[1] ──. (2019). Pseudo-public Space in Chinese Shopping Malls: Rise, Publicness and Consequences. By Yiming Wang (2019). Eurasian Geography and Economics. [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

Other Writings

For my public writings, please visit Toastore.

[1] ──. (2020, 9 October). Land injustice: Micro-actions and mega-projects. Hong Kong Insights, Hong Kong Studies Association (UK-based). [Link]

Book Chapter

[1] Tang, W-S.*, & ──. (2016). Unchallenged land (re)development regime and everyday life of residents in high-density Hong Kong (in Japanese). In Jeon, H-G. (Ed.), Towards an Inclusive City: Practices in East Asia (pp. 92-103). Kyoto, Japan: Horitsu Bunka Sha (法律文化社).
– 土地開発体制主導下の高密度都市における香港住民の日常生活


[2] ──. (2019). Legal production of land (in)justice in Hong Kong. (around 73,000 words)
Master of Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong.
Archived in the Institutional Repository and the Library of Hong Kong Baptist University. [more info]

[1] ──. (2016). Urban (re)development, religious organisations, and urban communities: A spatial story of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Wan Chai. (around 25,000 words)
Bachelor of Social Sciences (First Class Honours), Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong.
Archived in Geographic Resource Centre and Map Library, Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University, No. 1619. [more info]

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