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Journal Articles

[6] ──. (2021). We have never been so bounded: Pandemic, territoriality, and mobility. The Geographical Journal: A Journal of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). [DOI]

[5] ──. (2020). New town planning as diplomatic planning: Scalar politics, British–Chinese relations, and Hong KongJournal of Urban History. [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

[4] ──. (2020). Hong Kong as a property jurisdiction. Social Transformations in Chinese Societies. [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

[3] ──*, Lee, J.W-Y., & Tang, W-S. (2020). From God’s home to people’s house: Property struggles of church redevelopment. Geoforum. [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

[2] Tang, W-S., Lee, J.W-Y.*, Hui, T-W., & ──. (2018). The “Urban density” question in Hong Kong: From absolute space to social processes. City, Culture and Society. [DOI] [Archived Manuscript]

[1] ──*, & Tang, W-S. (2017). The spatial story of St. Francis’s Yard: A Catholic urban community echoing the urban development trajectory of Hong KongHong Kong Journal of Catholic Studies, 7, 155-177. (in Chinese) [Archived Manuscript]
– 灣仔進教圍的空間故事:香港城市發展軌跡中的天主教城市社區

Book Reviews

[*] ──. (2020). Red Zones: Criminal Law and the Territorial Governance of Marginalized People. By Marie-Eve Sylvestre, Nicholas Blomley, and Céline Bellot (2020). Hong Kong Free Press.
This is not numbered because it is not a traditional book review in academic journals. But this is an attempt to translate and apply the knowledge I understood from this book to analyse the situation in Hong Kong. [Original Version] [Chinese Translation]

[2] ──. (2020). The Power of Place: Contentious Politics in Twentieth-Century Shanghai and Bombay. By Mark W. Frazier (2019). Urban Geography. [DOI] [Free access to published version] [Archived Manuscript]

[1] ──. (2019). Pseudo-public Space in Chinese Shopping Malls: Rise, Publicness and Consequences. By Yiming Wang (2019). Eurasian Geography and Economics. [DOI] [Free access to published version] [Archived Manuscript]

Other Writings

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[1] ──. (2020, 9 October). Land injustice: Micro-actions and mega-projects. Hong Kong Insights, Hong Kong Studies Association (UK-based). [Link]

Book Chapter

[1] Tang, W-S.*, & ──. (2016). Unchallenged land (re)development regime and everyday life of residents in high-density Hong Kong (in Japanese). In Jeon, H-G. (Ed.), Towards an Inclusive City: Practices in East Asia (pp. 92-103). Kyoto, Japan: Horitsu Bunka Sha (法律文化社).
– 土地開発体制主導下の高密度都市における香港住民の日常生活

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