Journal Articles

  • Tang, W-S., Lee, J.W-Y., Hui, T-W., & Yip, M.K-C. (2018). The “Urban density” question in Hong Kong: From absolute space to social processes. City, Culture and Society. [DOI] [Download]
  • Yip, M.K-C., & Tang, W-S. (2017). The Spatial Story of St. Francis’s Yard: A Catholic Urban Community Echoing the Urban Development Trajectory of Hong KongHong Kong Journal of Catholic Studies, 7, 155-177. (in Chinese) [Download]

Book Chapter

  • Tang, W-S., & Yip, M.K-C. (2016). Unchallenged Land (Re)development Regime and Everyday Life of Residents in High-Density Hong Kong (in Japanese). In Jeon, H-G. (Ed.), Towards an Inclusive City (pp. 92-103). Kyoto, Japan: Horitsu Bunka Sha (法律文化社). [Download]
Hong Kong (May 2017)