Maurice K-C. YIP 葉鈞頌

I am a Doctoral Fellow and a Graduate Assistant in Legal Geography, working with the urban planning research team, in the Institute of Geography and Sustainability at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Formerly, I was a Research Postgraduate in Geography at Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong, where I was born and grew up.

I am interested in analysing the urban land question that concerns cities these days, with a particular interest in how it results from the relations between law and spatiality and how land and spatial injustice is legitimised by law. Currently, I am developing a research agenda that synthesises the fields of legal geography, science and technology studies, and urban planning.

My recently completed MPhil thesis probes the legal production of land injustice in Hong Kong. Legal geography provides a powerful lens in understanding the relational dynamics. I translated the concepts in legal geography into the context of Hong Kong, a unique jurisdiction where has reserved the colonial heritage of the common law system and simultaneously been influenced by the Chinese law jurisprudence. Specifically, I initiated a research agenda for the legal geography of Hong Kong and enriched empirical knowledge of colonial Hong Kong through archival research. I also proposed a theoretical framework of “spatio-legal dialectics of land (in)justice”, and developed “property jurisdiction” as a concept to understand the legal space of cities and their relations.

The research projects which I have participated since my undergraduate studies cover various topics such as urban planning, urban density, cultural geography, transport mobility, urban art, environmental issues and religious studies. Among them, my undergraduate honours project, which was supported by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Hong Kong Dissertation Scholarship, analysed a case of property struggle and church redevelopment.

Since becoming a research postgraduate I have been writing on mass media with an aim to translate the academic knowledge into a part of public discussion and debates over public policies. I received an award because of these commentaries. My research work has been covered by journalists as well.

At Hong Kong Baptist University, I assisted in teaching undergraduate courses at all levels in geography and China studies. The courses include a foundation course “Geography and the Contemporary World”, “Urban Geography”, “Urban Planning”, and “Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: A Survey”. I also served as a University Senator, as well as a member of the Social Sciences Faculty Board and several university committees.

I hold membership in the Society for Hong Kong Studies, the International Network for Urban Research and Action, and the International Critical Geography Group. I am also a core member of the Hong Kong Critical Geography Group.

Having received undergraduate training in journalism as a minor, I practised as a political journalist in Hong Kong for a short while after graduation. This turned out to be an invaluable experience, encouraging me to pursue an academic career further.

Recent Publications [more…]
Tang, W-S., Lee, J.W-Y., Hui, T-W., & Yip, M.K-C. (2019). The “Urban density” question in Hong Kong: From absolute space to social processes. City, Culture and Society, 17, 46–53.

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